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Photo Glazing Instructions

Photo glazing is a decorating technique which involves applying a picture to a porcelain or ceramic item, and then coating that picture with a special UV-cured glaze. Most photo glazing decorators buy a system with supplies and a UV light curing machine when they begin photo glaze decorating. SUBLIMATION NATION supplies a large selection of premier porcelain and ceramic blanks that will integrate seamlessly with your photo glazing system.

If you are not familiar with photo glazing, here is an overview of how items are decorated using the photo glazing process:

  1. Choose the item you would like to decorate and the picture you would like to apply to the item. Make sure the photo will completely cover the decorating area of the item.
  2. Apply double sided tape to the back of the photo, leaving about a half inch of tape hanging over opposite edges of the photo (this will make cutting the photo easier).
  3. Place the photo face down on your glass circle cutter (the overhanging tape will allow you to keep the photo in place on the cutter) and cut the photo to the correct diameter for your item.
  4. Partially remove the backing of the double sided tape on the back of the photo (some of the sticky surface that will be applied to the porcelain will now be exposed). Center the photo on the decorating area of the blank item and partially affix the photo to the item when you are satisfied with the placement. Remove the rest of the tape’s backing and completely affix the photo to the porcelain blank being careful to ensure the photo is smoothly attached to the item with no air bubbles under the photo.
  5. Seal the edges of the photo to the blank using glaze and a brush (usually the glaze is applied to the edge of the photo with a bottle with a pointed nozzle).
  6. UV cure the glaze for 30 seconds.
  7. Completely cover the photo with glaze, allowing the glaze to settle over the entire decorating area. The glaze will pour and settle more easily if it is heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit before being poured over the photo.
  8. UV cure the glaze for 30 seconds.

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